To all Early Years Practitioners and all who work in Early Years Education/Foundation degree in Early Years.
This centre is well worth a visit to expand on many areas of early years practise.

Careers and Training
Pen Green to set up training network for nursery workers

The Pen Green Centre provides a much needed family facility and also undertakes research and training into early years development.
The centre was developed as a Sure Start Trailblazer project. The design is based on the theories of nursery design developed in Reggio Italy. The two centre pieces are a child-sized piazza and a three-storey campanile overlooking it at one corner. The scheme sets out to provide a boost for young children in disadvantaged communities. The Pen Green centre attempts to redress some balance with education, health and social facilities, not just for children but also for families.

Pen Green welcome many visitors to the Centre each year, from all parts of the UK and around the world. A wonderful reputation for leading outstanding practice. This centre consistently works to develop to improve outcomes for children and families, and to meet the changing needs of the local community.

Visitor's Days

Visitors Days are held once a month and may be booked for individuals or groups.
To arrange a visit please contact Lindsay Nunney via email on lnunney@northamptonshire.gov.uk or telephone 01536 400068.

As you explore the website you will find details of individual journeys through the centre, as well as more detailed information about all their services, documentation and practice.